Senior Software Engineer

We are currently seeking experienced C++ engineers to join our Infrastructure team of QuantTrax. We leverage cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional results, that enables us to be ahead of competitors. Our team is comprised of Engineering and Trading experts who are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

120 – 150K USD gross + uncapped PnL bonuses.

Welcome to the world where the precision of software development converges with the rapidity of Formula-1 racing. Within this fiercely competitive domain, elite programming teams engage in a time-bound sprint, conceiving intricate technological solutions within mere fractions of microseconds.

We are currently seeking experienced C++ engineers to join our Infrastructure team, a distinctive amalgamation of a racing track and pit-stop. This role not only involves delivering data at astonishing speeds, measured in gigabytes per second, but also ensuring the impeccable functioning of a distributed cluster.

What you’ll get by joining us:

  • Ownership: Every team member has a significant impact on our success. With great responsibility comes fair rewards, allowing you to directly benefit from the value you bring to the team.
  • Challenge: We encourage you to build solutions as you see fit and question the status quo. If you thrive in an environment where you can innovate and challenge conventional wisdom, this is the place for you.
  • Startup Atmosphere, Enterprise Resources: We combine the agility and innovation of a startup with the resources and support of an established enterprise, providing you with the best of both worlds.
  • Cutting-edge technology: Ultra low-latency infrastructure, FPGA, latest C++ standards and innovations.
  • No-Bullshit Approach: We value honesty, transparency, and efficiency above all else.
  • Freedom and Responsibility: We trust our team members to make the right decisions and give them the freedom to do so. This comes with the expectation that everyone takes responsibility for their actions and contributes to our overall success.
  • Fair Compensation: base salary 120–150K USD gross + uncapped PnL bonuses. We also provide lots of other benefits like health insurance, sport and leisure membership, lunch delivery, relocation support if needed.

What you’ll be in charge of:

  • Within the "Racetrack" domain: Your focus will revolve around enhancing the quality of our trading infrastructure—its resilience and speed. As a member of the racetrack team, your responsibilities will encompass crafting new exchange sections, refining the backtesting system, and meticulously optimizing code at the hardware level.
  • In the "Pit-Stop" sector: Your role will involve active engagement in production, working closely with Quantitative Analysts to ensure stability and ongoing enhancement in the face of escalating speeds. Your primary mandate here will entail upholding the stability of the infrastructure and enhancing the performance of individual trading models through systematic experimentation and the implementation of specific features.

What we expect from you:

  • Strong modern C++ skills, including template metaprogramming
  • Deep understanding of modern CPU platforms (Execution pipelines, Branch prediction, Cache hierarchy, NUMA, MESIF, TLB, etc.)
  • Broad networking expertise from both hardware and software points of view
  • Experience in developing and optimizing ultra low-latency systems in Linux is a must
  • Be fluent with gnu toolchain, git, vim


  • Previous experience in high frequency trading will be a plus, but not required
  • Linux proficiency
  • Managerial experience will be a plus


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