DevOps Engineer (Nix/NixOS)

At QuantTrax, we do high-frequency trading (HFT) - solve complex technological tasks, constantly competing with the world's top teams at the level of micro-, and often nanoseconds. To succeed in this, we utilize custom infrastructure setups that integrate FPGA, cloud, and physical servers globally, connecting different exchanges with specific network configurations.

Setting up such a diverse setup to run stably is already a challenging task. To configure and automate it so that it responds quickly to business requests is a real challenge for even the most experienced DevOps professionals. We believe that Nix/NixOS could be our "silver bullet", and we're looking for a skilled DevOps engineer who either has experience with it or is eager to learn.

As part of the team, you will work on business-critical tasks: building infrastructure from scratch with both physical and cloud servers, making architectural decisions, and improving deployment quality. The scope of tasks is virtually unlimited: from ensuring C++ code compilation in production and automating setups for various server types to working with networks and custom hardware rigs.

What you’ll get by joining us:

  • Everything needed for professional growth: access to cutting-edge technologies, a wide range of tasks, a significant responsibility area, and quick feedback;
  • Startup Atmosphere, Enterprise Resources: a fast Research-to-Production cycle (deploy the very next day), minimum bureaucracy and approvals, and almost unlimited computing power.
  • Corresponding level of responsibility and income: you’ll get fair fix compensation and uncapped bonus representing your personal contribution to the company's PnL;
  • A team that will support in achieving the goals: Engineers from tier-1 companies with 10+ years of experience in the industry, a flat structure, and established remote processes;
  • Olympic team-level of care about the employees: in-house wellness coach, health insurance, gym compensation, lunch delivery, relocation support if needed.

What you’ll be in charge of:

  • Collaboration with the development team, offering them vital tools and resources for efficient operation, product testing, and deployment;
  • Automated processes for building, testing, and deploying creation, all to boost development speed and assure top-tier product quality;
  • Deployment of monitoring systems to ensure infrastructure reliability and availability;
  • Infrastructure stability and enhancement, including experiments and the integration of new solutions;
  • Development acceleration and product quality assurance through establishment of automated application build, test, and deployment processes.

What we expect from you:

  • Experience with Nix/NixOS or desire to learn it;
  • Experience in building and creating packages (RPM, DEB, etc.) for C++ projects;
  • Understanding the nuances of building projects for different distributions, dynamic and static linking;
  • Familiarity with IaC principles. Experience with Terraform, Packer, and similar systems;
  • Experience in constructing CI/CD pipelines (GitLab CI / Jenkins), including setups for end-to-end testing;
  • Experience in administering Linux/FreeBSD servers, ensuring uninterrupted service operation, and monitoring;
  • Understanding the principles of IP networks. Experience with setting up VPN, NAT schemes, networks for virtual machines;
  • Experience with data storage organization;
  • Experience with monitoring and alerting systems.


  • MLOps experience (building clusters for model training and computational experiments;
  • Familiarity with distributed file systems;
  • Experience with remote configuration of physical servers (HP, Supermicro).


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